About my work

My inspiration for making my photographs comes from my perception of certain landscapes we experience in everyday life situations. I influence those landscapess by putting persons and/or objects in them, alienating the scenery. In the photographs something happens, something disappears, but what exactly remains unclear. I want to turn our surroundings into a mysterious and dreamy world. To create a new reality I use the existing one in combination with the tangible sense. I want to play with nature as we observe it when we, for example, go for a walk in the forest. I want to show that the recognizable nature easily can be transformed into a world without boundaries.

What you see on my photographs is real, nothing is digitally manipulated. In this way a mystery emerges. You wonder what exactly is happening on that place in the photograph. Does that place exists and is it real what is happening? Is it reality or an illusion? Because the image is a fixed moment in time, the confusion increases. With this alienating effect I want to show that it is possible we can free our minds of the things we already know. My goal is to show the beauty of the landscape by adding an aberrant object or person, so that a dream can be generated.